Removal of Problem Trees

Pruned trees near powerlinesTrees and power lines can co-exist, if the trees can be properly pruned and maintained. However many trees are known as “cyclebusters” which cannot be effectively maintained. Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative (WWCEC) continues to aggressively approach the removal of problem and hazard trees. “Cyclebuster” trees are the greatest risk to your reliable electric service. WWCEC also utilizes mechanical equipment for clearing our system along the right-of-way by removing trees and brush in remote and rural areas.

We are actively removing as many “cyclebuster” trees (that grow back into the lines in less than 4 years after pruning) from our right-of-way as we can. The removal of these trees will also improve system reliability. We offer some tree removal incentives to members that own these “cyclebuster” trees.

Tree Removal Incentives

Trade a Tree Program

Where Is the Proper Place To Plant Trees?

proper place to plant trees diagram

Visit our Proper Pruning Techniques page for more information on pruning.

Certified Arborist LogoWayne-White has in-house crews of Certified Arborists and Utility Arborists that provide daily vegetation management along the right-of-way of our 3000+ miles of energized lines. For more information, call (618) 842-2196.