Vegetation Management


Right-of-Way Vegetation Management

Through a system-wide Integrated Vegetation Management Program, Wayne-White Electric Cooperative (WWCEC) is continually working to cost efficiently control trees and brush that grow into power lines, causing outages and inhibiting continuous access to the right-of-way needed for restoration of service after major storms or power outages occur.


Tree failures cannot always be predicted. But many tree-related service interruptions can be avoided by identifying trees likely to fail and providing appropriate treatment before they do.

  • When trees and power lines tangle, you can expect the power to go out.
  • The wind blows and branches rub against the electric lines.
  • Limbs often break and fall onto lines, causing a fuse to blow or a breaker to trip.
  • Sometimes, the whole tree crashes through, taking down the wire and some poles too.



Tree Maintenance

Our reliable, cost efficient right-of-way maintenance program places a focus on 4 specific areas. They include:

  1. Removal of problem trees and brush.
  2. Proper, effective pruning of existing trees.
  3. A selective herbicide program.
  4. Specialized TGR applications (tree growth regulators)

Our Arborists

The utility arborists at Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative will be happy to help you with an evaluation of your trees near our power lines.

  • Our highly-trained crew of utility arborists prune or take down trees that are causing problems like blinking lights, etc.
  • We fully understand that the appearance of your trees is important to you. After all, they have trees of their own.
  • Our Arborists follow the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) tree pruning guidelines. (These guidelines emphasize proper pruning techniques while allowing adequate clearance for the overhead electric lines)

Vegetation management chart