Annual Meeting

Each year in May or June, the membership of Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative is invited to come together for a complimentary dinner, entertainment, information booths, and door prizes at Wayne City High School for the Annual Meeting. Following the dinner and entertainment, there is a Business Meeting that includes an annual election of board members to the cooperative (3 district seats are open each year on a rotating basis) as well as updates on the financial condition of the cooperative by the treasurer of the board and a “State of the Cooperative” speech by our Manager/CEO, Chris Hopfinger. There is usually a time provided for questions and input from the membership, with time alloted at a public microphone. The Cooperative is member-owned and each member has a vote at the Annual Meeting during each election of directors and cooperative-wide vote that may occur.

For the Annual Meeting of 2021, a video was prepared for the membership to highlight many of the changes and upgrades at the Cooperative over the past 15 years.

15-Year Review of Wayne-White Electric Cooperative in Fairfield Video