Residential Rates

Rate Schedules 1 and 2 (PDF)

Rate Schedules 1 & 2

Type of Service

Single-Phase, 60 Hertz, at the following voltage: 120/240 V or 240/480 V.


Available for residential, farm, churches, civic organizations, federal and local government buildings, and village/town owned service facilities, for all uses including lighting, heating, and power for motors up to and including 15 horsepower, subject to the rules and regulations, as established or as may be from time to time adopted by the Cooperative’s Board of Directors. The electric heat rate is available to those members who install permanently connected primary electric heating equipment and is billed for consumption form November 1 to April 30 on Rate 2.

Rate Per Month – Rate 1 (effective April 1, 2024)

  • Service Availability Charge: $44.00 per month
  • All kWh @ $0.12379 per kWh

Rate Per Month – Rate 2 – Electric Heat Rate (effective April 1, 2024)

Effective for Consumption November 1 to April 20 (6 months)

  • Service Availability Charge: $44.00
  • First 1500 kWh @ $0.12379 per kWh
  • Next 4500 kWh @ $0.08804 per kWh
  • Balance at $0.10866 per kWh

Consumption for all other months will be billed under Rate 1 above.

Minimum Monthly Charge

The minimum monthly charge under the above rates shall be the Service Availability Charge for services requiring 25 kilo-volt-amperes (kVA) or less transformer capacity. For members requiring more than 25kVa of transformer capacity, the minimum monthly charge shall be increased by $1.50 for each kVA or fraction thereof required excess of 25 kVA.

Terms of Payment

The above rates are net, the gross rates being 10% higher. In the event the current monthly bill is not paid by the 15th of the month, the gross rate shall apply.