Wayne City Substation Remodel

One part of our mission at Wayne-White Electric is to service our members with excellent and reliable electric service. In order to do that, we take pride in maintaining and upgrading our equipment when necessary.

Those in the Wayne City area may have noticed several vehicles from Wayne-White Electric and Hoosier Energy (our generation and transmission cooperative) at the substation there in the middle of March. What could have easily taken two weeks to complete, was completed in one week thanks to the collaboration between our two teams.

While Hoosier Energy worked on the high side of the substation installing new switches, fuses and regulators, Wayne-White Electric crews replaced nearby poles and converted the overhead lines coming out of the substation to underground.

As pictured, Hoosier also replaced the power transformer or the main transformer located in the substation. A large crane was brought in to assist with removing the extra-large transformer, that was replaced with an even larger transformer. Although it may look small in this picture, the transformer weighs in at over 40,000 pounds!

To learn more about how our membership in Hoosier Energy benefits our members, visit waynewhitecoop.com or hoosierenergy.com