Upcoming Improvements at Wayne-White Electric

At Wayne-White Electric, we are always looking for ways to best serve our members. The next project we will be working on beginning in September is creating a drive-up drop box for members to drop off payments or documents without having to get out of their car.

Pictured below is how the front of our Fairfield office has been laid out for many years. You will soon see the trees out front being removed to install a "road" through the grass portion that will hold the drop box at the west end near where the far west tree currently sits.

Additional parking spots will also be added, as spaces are going to be extended to the south to allow more room to drive through our parking lot each direction. It can currently be a tight squeeze when cars are going each way and we want to provide a safer space to reach our office for our members and visitors.

We will still have the dropbox by our front door available for those that wish to use it. A designated handicap parking spot will be marked at the end of our ramp near that drop box as well.

With these changes will come some construction and possible obstacles to getting to our office. We will continue to be open and welcome anyone wishing to stop by. Just please be aware and drive slow as you visit our office as we work to make improvements for you, our members. We will continue to provide updates to the progress on our website and Facebook, so stay tuned!