Perks of Owning a Whole House Generator

generatorWayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative offers a “voluntary” load control program that will provide homeowners with an incentive for allowing us to control your whole house generator during peak demand times in the summer and winter. Homeowners with stand-by generators could potentially have their power needs switched over to the generator during the load-control time. By participating in this voluntary program, the cooperative will give you an significant discount on your electric bill year round. To qualify, you must have a stand-by generator with an approved automatic switch for our DRU unit to be able to interrupt your power during our peak times. Your generator should also be large enough to handle the entire load for your home.

With your whole-house generator in place, you will not be without electricity. You can only sign up for the program at 2 different times per year, typically each summer and winter. The deadline to sign up and have your generator installed for this summer is May 15, 2023. You would then effectively be in the program beginning June 1, 2023. You must remain in the program for at least 12 months once you sign up.

You can buy your whole house stand-by generator at the dealer of your choice. We do not sell them or install them. It does not matter what brand of generator you have, as long as it is large enough to handle the electric load for your home, which in most cases will likely need to be a 20 kilowatt (KW) model. This program is not for generators at businesses or to power farm equipment, such as grain bins or irrigation systems. The generator program is only for residential homes.

If you install your generator prior to our summer and winter program dates, you can sign-up for our generator program early and will begin seeing the benefits of the discount on the date closest to your install, assuming you have met the guidelines for proper sizing and we have installed the DRU unit to control it remotely by that date. For additional details, including your proper sizing requirements based upon your load, call our engineering department at (618) 842-2196.

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