Member Annual Meeting Voting & Attendance Guidelines

With the Annual Meeting coming up on June 7, 2024, it is important to know the membership attendance and voting guidelines ahead of time. To help make things smooth at registration during the Annual Meeting, we have outlined the definition of a member, as well as some guidelines to voting at the Annual Meeting.

What does it mean to be a member?

Any individual or legally existing entity that receives electric service from Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative, pays all fees necessary, and abides by the Bylaws of the Cooperative is considered a member. Basically, if you receive your electric service from Wayne-White Electric, you are a member-owner of our Cooperative.

When it comes to the Annual Meeting, we invite all cooperative members who have active service as of May 2, 2024. Booklets are sent out with information regarding the meeting, as well as a registration ticket on the back of the booklet that shows the names of the individual(s) or entity on the membership. If the person(s) listed on the membership are not in attendance, but another member of the household attends the annual meeting, they will not be able to vote or receive the bill credit given out to members. If you or your spouse need added to the membership for your household, contact our office to update a membership application. The member(s) listed on the membership must be in attendance in order to receive the bill credit or vote!

A joint membership can have two individuals residing in the same location on one membership, for example a husband and wife. Therefore, the presence at a meeting of either or both of the individuals shall be regarded as the presence of one member and shall constitute a joint waive of notice of the meeting.

Member voting rights

Each member, receiving electric service on the record date, and present in person at a meeting of the members, shall be entitled to only one vote upon each matter submitted to a vote at such meeting. Any matters of the Cooperative affecting the membership, as well as Directors for the Board are voted on at each Annual Meeting.

Regarding entity voting, an individual must present evidence requested by and satisfactory to the Cooperative that such individual is authorized to vote for such member prior to the close of registration of the meeting. If your name is listed on an organization/entity membership, you would be authorized to vote for that membership. If it is not, a letter must be provided from an authoritative member of the organization granting a specific individual the authorization to vote.

For further questions or if you need to update your membership before the Annual Meeting on June 7, contact our office at (618) 842-2196.