Co-op Awareness Month – What is a cooperative?

Because we are a cooperative, we operate a little differently than other utilities. Wayne White Counties Electric Cooperative's decisions are made locally, by directors who also live right here in our communities. Everyone who pays to receive electricity from the cooperative is a member. (City of Fairfield customers are not members, as the City still owns the system. Wayne-White just handles billing and maintaining that system.) When you pay your electric bill each month, your money stays here -- to pay for the electricity used, or to make improvements to our local system to strengthen service reliability. The money you pay the cooperative does not line the pockets of shareholders five states away. We are a cooperative, and we exist to provide a service to you, our local members.

2023 Annual Meeting
Members stop by the Wayne-White Electric booth at the 2023 Annual Meeting at Wayne City High School.

You may notice that throughout the year, we schedule opportunities for you to attend cooperative events such as our Annual Meeting, Golf Scramble, Live Line Demonstrations, or just by stopping in our office so we can hear from you. We conduct an annual survey to gather your feedback on cooperative programs and services so that we can plan and adjust for the future. Our success lies in your satisfaction, which is why we offer these opportunities to engage and listen to what you have to say.

Wayne White Electric Cooperative is striving to keep our costs as low as possible so we can keep more money in your pocket. We want to help you maximize the value you can get from our services and offerings. For example, we can help you save on your energy bills through our energy audits, blower door tests, and efficiency rebates.

If you want to receive important information from Wayne-White Electric Cooperative, such as your billing statement, outage updates, and more, you can visit our website at to sign up for our SmartHub app to receive notifications. You can also stay in the know with our monthly newsletter, now available as an e-newsletter, by signing up on our website.

Please know that you -- the members of Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative -- are at the heart of everything we do. Cooperatives adhere to seven guiding principles that reflect core values of honesty, transparency, equity, inclusiveness, and service. (Learn more on the next page.)

We exist to serve you and provide the quality, reliable, friendly service you expect and deserve. While we have grown over the years, we are still driven by the same guiding principles to serve our community. We hope to see or hear from you soon. This cooperative was created for you, the members. The power is in your hands.