Powerful Past, Future Focused

Humble beginnings
Humble beginnings...

The future is bright. But before we look ahead, we must remember our roots and our powerful past. Electric cooperatives first started forming in the United States as early as 1914, and the formation of the Rural Electrification Administration (REA) in 1935 helped smooth the way forward. However, it was local community initiatives over the next three decades that finally brought electric service to nearly everyone.

The story of electric cooperatives is one of a true grassroots movement of unique, homegrown organizations. They were founded when neighbors worked together to bring electricity to their rural community. Big investor-owned power companies thought they could not generate enough profit, so they bypassed rural areas. Back then, there were frequent meetings among neighbors to discuss the formation of cooperatives.

Rural electrification was not easy, especially at first. However, it got a huge boost when, after getting the attention of some key politicians, the federal government created the REA, which made loans available to help finance expensive utility construction. It provided technical consulting, developing engineering techniques to carry electricity longer distances to provide rural communities with safe and reliable electricity.

Since Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative was founded in 1937, that goal remains the same. We understand the spirit that helped create this cooperative must be continually nurtured. While times and technology will continue to change, our commitment to you will not. As we continue to look toward the future, you can be confident that Wayne-White Electric will commit to exploring new ways to help our members and our community.

Our team at Wayne-White Electric is always looking ahead, exploring ways to innovate and utilize new technologies to improve our services. As our nation increasingly relies on electricity to power the economy, keeping the lights on has never been more important.

One critical component of reliable power is the mix of energy resources used to generate the electricity that keeps the lights on. We are increasingly using more electricity generated from renewable energy resources, but we still depend on a diverse energy mix to ensure reliable power that is available to our members whenever they need it.

Looking ahead, we will continue working to provide the reliable, affordable electricity you expect and deserve. We know we must keep pace as technology and consumer needs evolve. Our cooperative has a powerful past and is focused on the future.