Residential Water Heating Needs

What does it cost and what is your payback time?
  • Subtract the $500 rebate check and your actual cost is about half the cost of a 50 gallon standard plastic Marathon water heater.
  • If you purchase one, just bring us the receipt and sign a rebate request form to receive your $500 check.

Continue to Save

  • With an annual savings of $361 described, your new Heat Pump water heater will pay for itself in the first 2 years,
  • It will continue to save you about $30 a month on your electric bill because it its 253% efficient at heating water compared to 94% or less on standard electric water heaters.

The drawback is that they will make some noise (like a small fan) while heating the water, and they will put out some cool air.

How much can you save?

Based upon our current rate of 11.9 cents per kWh, that's a savings of $361 per year ($30 a month) on your electric bill by replacing your standard electric water heater with 1 of our Hybrid Water Heaters.

  • Many homes spend over $550 a year on heating their water ($45.83) a month.
  • Our Hybrid Water Heaters are available in 50 gallon and 80 gallon models.

Consumption & Usage

The Department of Energy (DOE) tested the A.O Smith Hybrid Water Heaters and found they consume an average of 1856 kWh per year compared to 4879 kWh per year for a standard water heater they tested. Usage varies slightly based upon the number of:

  • Family members
  • Number of showers
  • Laundry loads
  • Etc.