Marathon Water Heater

I am building a new house, wouldn’t gas be cheaper?

Not necessarily. Although gas may be a little cheaper, gas water heaters are metal tanks (not plastic) and they require venting for safety which can add more cost and allow you to lose heat in your home.

  • Electric water heaters are nearly 100% efficient, as all of the heat generated stays in the unit instead of some going up the flue.
  • Marathon is like a Thermos® in that it keeps the water hot once you have made it.
  • The price of propane and natural gas has recently been climbing and nobody really knows for sure where it will go. While electric rates have gone up slightly, it seems to be more stable and defined.

Many people are now building tighter, more efficient homes than they used to and indoor air quality is becoming a concern. Any fossil fuel water heater can be a problem with carbon monoxide, NOX, and other pollutants needing to be vented.  You can eliminate this issue entirely, however, with the energy-efficient, electric Marathon water heater.

Why should I bother with a Marathon, my last water heater lasted 22 years?

That's impressive, but not uncommon for older water heaters. The older water heaters purchased in the 70's and 80's had much thicker steel and more porcelain than today's units.

  • Manufacturers have cut so many costs from the manufacturing process, most steel water heaters made today will not last much longer than their warranty of 5 or 6 years.
  • It's much like the automobile, the thickness of the metal on today's units is very thin compared to older models and therefore they tend to rust out and leak over time.
How good are the elements in a Marathon water heater? Will I have to replace the elements often?

The quality speaks for itself and we have hundreds of customers with a Marathon in their home.

  • The bottom element in the Marathon Water Heaters is made of titanium which only Marathon has. It is much more resistant to harder, more difficult water.
  • The top element is actually made of copper, which also performs well. You won't find a metal tank water heater on the market with titanium and copper elements.
  • The Marathon elements have a 6-year warranty, whereas the Marathon tank has a lifetime warranty.
  • We have visited their factory assembly line and we were very impressed with their quality control measures.

We keep extra elements and thermostats in stock in case you ever have a problem with them, but over the past 6 years, we have had very few issues with Marathon water heaters.

Is it worth more than a conventional water heater?

Yes, the Marathon will save you energy year after year and after 5 years it won't have to be replaced.

  • Typically it will pay for itself in energy savings over a conventional water heater
  • The cost of the water heater is usually only half your cost however
  • Installation is the other cost and you won't have to pay for that and another water heater in 5 years

People often overlook the damage to their floor and belongings when their cheaper water heater fails. These failures often happen when you are not at home and when you least expect it.

What are the size dimensions of the Marathon Water Heaters?

Marathon water heaters are the preferred water heater tank for Geothermal installations because you should never have to replace the tank. We sell the 30-Gallon, 40-gallon, 50-gallon, 85-gallon, and 105-gallon models at Wayne-White Electric Cooperative.

  • The 30-Gallon model measures 22 inches by 53 inches and weighs 75 pounds
  • The 40-gallon model measures 22 inches by 65 inches and weighs 90 pounds
  • The 50-gallon model measures 24 inches by 67 inches and weighs 100 pounds
  • The 85-gallon model measures 28 inches by 71 inches and weighs 124 pounds
  • The 105-gallon model measures 30 inches by 71 inches and weighs 152 pounds

We keep all 4 models in stock at our Fairfield Office location, 1501 West Main Street in Fairfield, Illinois.

How much more is the Marathon than a conventional water heater?

The smaller Marathon units will cost approximately 2 to 3 times more than a basic steel water heater of the same size. That is not a real comparison though, as you are comparing a lifetime warranty product that is super insulated, against a 5 or 6 year warranty product with minimal insulation. Remember that the Marathon tank will not leak or rust, while your steel tank will eventually fail and you will be installing another tank's just a matter of time.

Marathon Water Heaters

  • Marathon water heaters are also insulated much better than standard metal-tank water heaters.
  • The 4 inch of foam inside the perimeter creates a "thermos" effect, keeping the water hotter, longer. (This will reduce the amount of times that the unit will need to run in order to keep water heated)
  • The elements in a Marathon are also superior to any metal tank water heater.
  • The top element in a Marathon is copper, while the bottom element is Titanium, which is more more resistant to hard water and sediment.

Wayne - White Member Rebates

There are no longer any rebates on Marathon Water Heaters.

  • There are only rebates on the purchase of Hybrid Water Heaters (Heat Pump) such as A.O. Smith, Richmond, & Rheem, which you can buy at Lowes, Menards, Winnelson, or Home Depot.
  • The rebate check on a hybrid water heater is $500.


Metal tank water heaters today are made of very thin, flimsy metal which will usually rust out in 6 or 7 years. The Installation process for the Marathon is no more and sometimes less than for steel units.

  • The fittings are the standard ¾ inches that you are used to.
  • You should also hook it up to a 30-amp breaker using 10 gauge wire.
  • Consult the owners manual after purchase for proper installation instructions.


We do not have many problems with Marathon water heaters, but we do stock thermostats and elements in the event that you have an issue down the road.

  • Plastic tanks have a Lifetime Warranty
  • Elements and thermostats have a 6-year warranty
  • Only the 30, 40, 50 gallon models feature the "No Leak" Lifetime tank warranty