What are the size dimensions of the Marathon Water Heaters?

Marathon water heaters are the preferred water heater tank for Geothermal installations because you should never have to replace the tank. We sell the 30-Gallon, 40-gallon, 50-gallon, 85-gallon, and 105-gallon models at Wayne-White Electric Cooperative.

  • The 30-Gallon model measures 22 inches by 53 inches and weighs 75 pounds
  • The 40-gallon model measures 22 inches by 65 inches and weighs 90 pounds
  • The 50-gallon model measures 24 inches by 67 inches and weighs 100 pounds
  • The 85-gallon model measures 28 inches by 71 inches and weighs 124 pounds
  • The 105-gallon model measures 30 inches by 71 inches and weighs 152 pounds

We keep all 4 models in stock at our Fairfield Office location, 1501 West Main Street in Fairfield, Illinois.