I am building a new house, wouldn’t gas be cheaper?

Not necessarily. Although gas may be a little cheaper, gas water heaters are metal tanks (not plastic) and they require venting for safety which can add more cost and allow you to lose heat in your home.

  • Electric water heaters are nearly 100% efficient, as all of the heat generated stays in the unit instead of some going up the flue.
  • Marathon is like a Thermos® in that it keeps the water hot once you have made it.
  • The price of propane and natural gas has recently been climbing and nobody really knows for sure where it will go. While electric rates have gone up slightly, it seems to be more stable and defined.

Many people are now building tighter, more efficient homes than they used to and indoor air quality is becoming a concern. Any fossil fuel water heater can be a problem with carbon monoxide, NOX, and other pollutants needing to be vented.  You can eliminate this issue entirely, however, with the energy-efficient, electric Marathon water heater.