How much money can I save with a Geothermal System in my home?

geothermal underneath a homeIn a technology defined by numbers, here's a fact that everyone will understand: With a geothermal system, (also known as geo-exchange systems) a reasonably tight 2,000 square feet home can be heated and cooled for about $1 a day. You'll pay several thousand more up front, but in many cases, the payback can come in as little as 5 to 7 years. And once the system is paid off, the annual return on investment can approach 15 to 20%. Add impressive durability and less-intrusive trenching methods and the scales begin to tip, at least in the new home market. But, Geothermal systems can also be installed in existing homes as well. It will also increase the value of your home. Many people comment on how "clean" geothermal heat and cooling is for their home. There is virtually no dust since fossil fuels are not involved. It is much healthier for you and the environment