Touchstone Energy Homes

If you are planning to construct a new home in the near future, we encourage you to follow the plans and specifications of our Touchstone Energy Home Program.  Administered and supported by Hoosier Energy, this program takes energy efficiency levels to a more stringent, demanding standard than any other new home construction program of its kind in America. 

Through Hoosier Energy, we will train your builder/contractor to follow and abide by the high standards of construction and energy efficiency, which will result in a comfortable home that comes with a FREE Certified Energy Rating (valued at $650.00) and a written GUARANTEE of  heating & cooling costs, based upon the Kwh rate of the Cooperative, and the 30-Year Weather Data.  In addition, you will be eligible to receive HVAC incentive rebates for the purchase of high efficiency heating & air-conditioning equipment.  The Certified Energy Rating can help protect your investment and be a valuable asset in the potential resale of your home sometime in the future.

We have identified builders who are committed to build homes to these rigid standards.  CLICK HERE for additional details, stop by our Fairfield office or call 842-2196.

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