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Say 'NO' to exporting more jobs out of Illinois and importing energy into Illinois that is less clean and more expensive!  Jobs, electric rates, and reliability are at stake.  You can make your voices heard by clicking the link below and sending a letter to the Governor and our state legislators.


The Details: 

For more than 80 years, electric cooperatives have provided safe, affordable, and reliable electricity to their consumers throughout rural Illinois.  The 25 not-for-profit electric cooperatives in Illinois, each owned and democratically controlled by their members, provide service to approximately 600,000 primarily rural Illinoisans located in 90 of the state’s 102 counties, including you!

Prairie State Energy Campus is wholly owned by not-for-profit electric cooperatives and municipalities in Illinois and other midwestern states, providing affordable and reliable electricity.  We oppose the mandated closure of coal-fueled power plants by 2035 that has appeared in an Illinois comprehensive legislative energy proposal in Springfield.

Besides the issue of stranded costs, the forced premature closing of this plant in Washington County could have a major impact on reliability, and put us in a situation similar to what happened in Texas earlier this year.

Wayne-White Electric Cooperative is committed to keeping energy affordable and reliable while we invest in a cleaner energy future, but we cannot let policy get ahead of technology. Current technology needs to be improved and expanded upon before we can reliably power the grid with no carbon emissions.

Although Wayne-White Electric Cooperative is not as potentially impacted financially by the Prairie State Generating Station, due to our membership in Hoosier Energy, we could still be impacted from the reliability standpoint.

Click the link below to contact the Governor and our state legislators to say 'NO' to the premature closing of Prairie State Energy Campus in Washington County.  Tell them that any legislation proposed must provide a delayed effective date for not-for-profit power plants to operate as currently permitted.

Here is the LINK again for you to take action, posted below:




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