Solar Panels

Policy on Residential Solar Panels

Wayne-White Electric Cooperative does not discourage or hinder anyone from installing solar panels at their home, if they choose to make that investment.  In fact, the cooperative has a “Net Billing” policy in place for people utilizing solar at their homeWe recently moved from "Net Metering" to "Net Billing" because we reached our 1% level of solar connections on our lines.  Talk with us before you sign an agreement with a solar installer, so that you understand our policy, and how it will affect your payback costs.  "Net Billing" allows solar customers to generate electricity for personal use, and sell any excess energy to the cooperative at wholesale or “avoided cost” prices, while purchasing power at the normal residental rate.

In order to properly install solar panels at a home served by Wayne-White, it is necessary to have certain safeguards in place to prevent harm to linemen or the grid.  If you are interested in learning more about installing solar panels, our policies and the proper steps necessary to install them safely and legally at your home, talk to our Engineer, Chris Hopfinger, at (618) 842-2196.



U.S. Map of Preferred Solar Panel Locations Based on Efficiency & Performance

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