PrePaid Meter

Prepaid Metering Lets You Pay As You Go


Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative gives all of our members an option of prepaid meter billing (prepaid electricity) which allows you to pay for electricty as you go, almost the same way you buy groceries or gasoline.

Never worry about late fees again! This easy pay-as-you-go plan gives you greater control over your budget because you decide how much to pay and when to pay it. Prepaid meter billing is also a way you can avoid a large security deposit that is required on some accounts that have poor credit. You will keep track of your usage and balance through our SmartHub app. The balance is updated every day at 11:30am so you know exactly how much electricity credit you have left on your account. (Similar to time on a parking meter)

You can make payments (add money) online, over the phone, or in person. You pay how much you want, when you want, because you are purchasing electricity before you use it. $10 a day, $50 a week, you decide how often and how much so it fits better in your budget. Many prepaid metering customers really like this option because it helps them budget better based upon their next paycheck, or when social security checks or disability checks arrive, or when other bills are due. This also avoids getting surprised with a hefty monthly electric bill that you were not expecting.

When your account runs low ($20 credit or below, or average of 5 days or less left), you will get a courtesy call to let you know it is time to add money to your account to avoid disconnection. You add money either by paying in person, by phone, or on the SmartHub app. If you run low after business hours, phone and online payment options are available. 

Signing up for prepaid meter billing is fast and easy. Just stop by our office and fill out the simple application form and open your electricity account with $100. With the SmartHub app and courtesty calls, you always know when you reach below $20 so you can add to the amount that meets your needs.

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