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Capital Credits UPDATE:
Have you received a Capital Credit check in the mail recently for a family member that is deceased?  If so, you can claim the patronage capital credits for the estate of your relative if you can provide documentation including a death certificate, correct names (if they have changed through marriage) and proof that you are the authorized executor or administrator of the estate.  Gather the necessary documentation and present it to our office in Fairfield.  You can also email Nancy Wells with questions about the process by sending an email to

Wayne-White Will Now Stock & Sell
GE GeoSpring Heat Pump Water Heaters

Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative has made a decision to stock and sell the GeoSpring Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater for our member/customers at the special sale pricing of $1199 that we talked about in our Cooperative Newsletter.  This means that your actual cost is $799 when you subtract the $400 Wayne-White/Hoosier rebate.  You can achieve a payback of two and a half years  based upon cost usage data that we have supplied you with from both federal testing and localized usage at other Hoosier-member electric cooperatives.  You will then continue to save $30 a month on the cost of heating the water for your home compared to standard electric water heaters.  This unit is 253% efficient compared to 94% for other electric water heaters.

Connections Cards Have Been Sent Out

Our new May Newsletter The Cooperative Connection has been sent out and it includes your very own "Co-Op Connections Card" which can save you money on a lot of products and services nationwide including prescription drugs.  The card is accepted at your local pharmacy.  If you have no insurance to cover prescriptions, it will be a money saver.  If you have insurance, just ask your pharmacist which discount is best for your specific prescription, your insurance coverage or the Co-Op Connections Card.  It will vary for everyone, based upon your deductible.  To see the myriad of nationwide discounts available with the new card-CLICK HERE


New HVAC Incentive Rebates Available


Members of Wayne-White Electric Cooperative will be able to receive incentive payments (rebates) on the installation of new energy efficient HVAC equipment and Marathon water heaters. You can read more about the our Incentive Rebate program and click here for details


What Is The Future Of Energy?
Watch This Informative Video



John Hofmeister, former CEO of Shell Oil, delivered a very spirited information-filled address to a large crowd of electric cooperative personnel from throughout the United States during the national meeting of electric cooperatives held in Atlanta.  Click the photo above to watch the 29-minute video. 


Students Visit Washington DC Landmarks & Politicians

Three area high school students representing Wayne-White Electric Cooperative recently attended the "Youth To Washington" Tour as part of a 65-student group from across Illinois. Pictured on the steps of the U.S. Capitol with Congressman John Shimkus are L-R: Michael Olson, Luke Sailer, Shawn Otey, Shimkus, and Randy Olson, who served as one of the eight chaperones on the trip. Sailer was elected as the Youth Leadership Council Representative from Illinois and will return to Washington DC in July with other YLC representatives from other states. About 800 photos of the trip can be seen online---Click Here

Kinney Places Third In National Singing Contest

Denice Kinney, employee of Wayne-White Electric Cooperative was a finalist in the recent National Co-Op Idol Contest at the NRECA Annual Meeting in New Orleans. She placed Third and earned a check for $1,000 as well as an all-expense paid trip to the event. We have archived the video of her singing the song "Anyway" during the contest---Click Here To Watch


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