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Effective immediately, member/customers of Wayne-White can now view and pay their electric bill online and also submit their meter readings at the same time.  Click The Button above and you can begin by setting up a user name and password with your valid email address and other information.  We know you will appreciate this great new feature.  You can still pay your bill by snail mail, but we strongly encourage you to use the new E-Bill system with the button above.

meter  Meter Reading Tips

Your monthly electric bill from Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative contains detailed information about your account and energy use. Your electric bill is calculated in kilowatt hours (kwh) used in a monthly billing cycle. An electric meter measures kilowatt hours. A kilowatt hour is 1000 watts of electrical energy used for one hour. One 100-watt bulb burning for 10 hours equal one kwh.

By reading your meter at the same time each month, you will maintain an accurate 30 - 31 days' billing cycle. To calculate the cost of electricity, subtract the present reading from your previous reading to determine the number of kilowatts used during the month. Multiply the number of kilowatt hours used by the cost per kilowatt hour. Next, multiply the public utility cost by the number of kilowatt hours and add to kilowatt hour cost. Add any additional services as listed on your bill to get the total amount on your bill.

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