Voluntary Load Control

Voluntary Load Control Program Now Available For Homeowners
The Cooperative has started a “Pilot Program” of installing load control switches on residential customers who have a combination of central air conditioning and an electric water heater.  This voluntary program includes an incentive rebate paid to the customer during the months affected in the program.  The rebate will be $13 each month for June, July and August (when we can potentially interrupt power to both the air conditioning and water heater during our peak demand) and $3.00 each month during December, January and February (when we can control the water heater only).  The total rebate for the voluntary load control program is $48.00 per year.  If we do need to interrupt power, it would typically only be for about 15 to 20 minutes.

If you have BOTH a central air unit and electric water heater and would like to learn more about the voluntary load control program and sign-up to receive the financial incentives, stop by the office or call us at 842-2196.  We can schedule a time to install the DRU device (Demand Response Unit) for periodic load control during peak demand.  A residential time-of-use rate is also being studied and may  become reality within the next year.  All of these programs are designed to give our members more control over their electric bill, while also helping the cooperative control peak demand and control cost.

Stop by the cooperative or call us at (618) 842-2196 or toll-free at 1-888-871-7695.

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