Energy Efficiency Rebates

HVAC Incentive Rebate Program for 2017
(Dual Fuel is defined as a Heat Pump with gas or propane back-up)

All rebate applications require an Invoice as well as an AHRI Certificate of Product Rating
from your dealer for the equipment installed.  Equipment is subject to inspection to verify.


     HVAC Equipment Installed             Efficiency Requirement                 Amount of Incentive:

Dual Fuel Heat Pump replacing electric resistance heat source in an existing home

16-SEER Conventional Home
14-SEER Manufacture Home

(These are rerquired minimums)

Variable Speed- $2,500




Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump replacing an existing 100% electric resistance
(NOT for New Construction)

16-SEER Conventional Home
14-SEER Manufactured Home

(Must be primary source of heat and cooing for the home. 

Single Speed- $800
Variable Speed- $1500

Geothermal in new construction or replacing current heat source
Geothermal w/ gas back-up that is replacing electric resistance heat

Any size, Any brand

-incentive requires a desuperheater installation
$2,500 w/ gas back-up replacing resistance heat

Air-Source Heat Pump,
in new home or existing home, or a Dual-Fuel HP replacing an old similar unit or gas furnace

Minimum 16 SEER
14-SEER Manufactured Home
mini-splits, window A/C and hotel-type units
do NOT qualify

Compressor MUST be
Dual/Variable Speed.  $750
(No rebate on a single speed compressor)

Hybrid (Heat Pump) Water Heater Rebate Program for purchase & use in home

All-in-one units such as GE GeoSpring, Rheem or A.O. Smith. Minimum 50-gallon size models

$400 Incentive
(must provide receipt)
must be installed in home




Heating and Cooling Incentive Program For Wayne-White Member/Customers 

Wayne-White has an incentive program that promotes energy efficiency for our member/customers.  The objective of the program is to encourage our members to select more efficient electric heating and cooling equipment.  The program is funded by our cooperative partner, Hoosier Energy.  This incentive program, as well as the Free CFL light bulb trade-in program that we are currently offering, are a couple of the energy efficiency programs that Hoosier is providing through Wayne-White Electric Cooperative.  “SmartPower” refers to energy efficiency as the 5threnewable.  They state: “It is the most effective way to reduce the use of fossil fuels and the need to build additional power plants.  The way to energy efficiency is not through homes left too hot or too cold, or through depriving ourselves of the energy we need and want to use.  It’s simply about being smarter with our power.”


If you are installing new HVAC equipment and you receive your electricity from Wayne-White, Print Out the Rebate Request Form through the link at the left and submit it along with your Dealer Invoice and the AHRI Certificate of Product Rating for the HVAC equipment purchased & installed by your dealer  You can also call us for more information at 842-2196 or toll-free at 1-888-871-7695

Your Invoice + AHRI Certificate + Signed Rebate Request Form = Rebate $$$.   All installations are also subject to our inspection to certify proper qualification for our incentive rebate program.




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