Bill Payment Options

    Money in the hand

You can also pay your WWCEC bill in person at our Fairfield or Enfield office with check, cash or Visa/Matercard.  You can also pay your bill by  U.S. Mail, or at any of the following banking institutions:

Trust Bank in Cisne

Bean Capital Banking Center in Wayne City

Mt. Erie Banking Center

First Bank in Carmi

First Bank in Enfield

     credit card machine

We also accept Visa/Mastercard or Debit Card at our offices in Fairfield and Enfield.   Electricity Bills are due and payable by the 10th of each month.

Budget Billing Options

    Calculator & Bills

WWCEC has a plan that is designed to budget consumers' monthly bills.  The rate schedule for electric service will be unchanged.  The plan is available to residential customers who have met the following criteria:  A) twelve months of billing history, B) meter readings have been furnished previous twelve months, C) satisfactory credit rating with the ccoperative.

Accounts must be paid by the due date each month.  A valid meter reading must be submitted each month.  Your account will be billed based upon the meter readings received.  You will be asked to remit an amount calcuated by the average of the previous months KWH.  For more information about budget billing, stop by our office, or call 842-2196.

Missing Meter Reading Fees Have Increased To $40


The fee for failure to read your meter and report the reading to us has increased.  Members who do not report their monthly meter reading in a timely manner will now incur a meter reading fee of $40, instead of $25.  The new rate became effective September, 2006. Click for Details

Bill Payment Options

Automatic Bill Payment Available

Presenting the Easy, No-Hassle Way to Pay your WWCEC Bill

 From what types of accounts can payments be made?

 You can specify your checking or savings account at any bank, savings and loan, or credit union that offers automatic payment.  Most financial institutions do, but you might call yours to confirm.

 How will I know the amount of my bill and payment date?

 Your WWCEC bill will show your monthly use and the date and amount of your payment.  This will help you track your use and give you ample time to update your account register and make sure you have adequate funds.  The payment will appear on your checking or savings statement.

 What if I don't have sufficient funds on the payment date?

 It would be as if you'd written a check with insufficient funds; you may incur fees from your financial institution and WWCEC.

 When will my automatic payments start?

 Please allow up to two billing cycles.  Your WWCEC bill will indicate when automatic payments will begin from the account of your choice.

 What if I disagree with my bill?

 Call WWCEC at least five days before the bill's due date.

 Where do I mail my automatic bill payment enrollment form?

 Just mail it to:  Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative, P.O.  Drawer E, Fairfield, IL  62837

CLICK HERE to open and Print Out the .PDF form, follow the instructions & mail it in to us with a Voided Check.

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