Bill Payment Options

    Money in the hand

You can also pay your WWCEC electric bill in person at our Fairfield or Enfield office with check, cash or Visa/Matercard or debit card.  You can also pay your bill online through the Smart Hub link or set-up automatic recurring payments through Smart Hub or your bank with Automatic Bank Draft, using this form.  You can also pay your bill by sending a check through U.S. Mail, or at any of the following banking institutions:

Trust Bank in Cisne

Bean Capital Banking Center in Wayne City

Mt. Erie Banking Center


     credit card machine

Wayne-White Electricity Bills are due and payable by the 15th of each month.  We automatically read the meters on the 1st day of each month.  Unpaid bills are subject to disconnection.

Budget Billing Options

    Calculator & Bills

WWCEC has a plan that is designed to budget members monthly bills.  The rate schedule for electric service will be unchanged.  The plan is available to residential customers who have met the following criteria:  A) twelve months of billing history, B) satisfactory credit rating with the ccoperative.

Accounts must be paid by the due date of the 15th each month.  For more information about budget billing, stop by our office, or call 842-2196.

Bill Payment Options

Presenting the Easy, No-Hassle Way to Pay your Electric Bill:

You can click on the link above to Pay your bill online, check your usage by the day or hour, or set-up automatic recurring electronc payments.

CLICK HERE to open and Print Out the .PDF form, follow the instructions & mail the form to us with a Voided Check to set-up Automatic Bank Draft from your bank.

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