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Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative is offering a $5,000 reward and the Illinois Farm Bureau and Crimestoppers organization is offering a $1,500 reward for information leading to an arrest and a felony conviction for recent damage and theft of copper wiring on electric meters supplying grain bins throughout White County. Area thieves are stealing copper wire from transformer connections and meter base poles in Wayne, White, and Edwards counties.  Wayne-White Electric has discovered that 25 poles and related equipment have been damaged and the copper stolen.  The cost to the cooperative to replace the poles & wiring, in addition to the time and labor involved to do so has exceeded $25,000 in costs, which is precisely why the board of directors has decided to get aggressive in finding and prosecuting the thieves by offering the $5,000 reward.  In addition, the costs to the member/customer to replace damage on their side of the meter has cost homeowners over $12,000 to date.  We believe that somebody likely knows something about this activity, and we ask you to call us or tell law enforcement authorities so we can stop these crimes. Local residents and farmers are encouraged to watch their property closely, especially if they have meter base poles or transformer poles in dark places or areas hidden by trees and outbuildings or adjacent to grain bins. Residents are asked to report any unusual or suspect activity to local police or Sheriff department authorities.

Make Your Voice Heard To The EPA

We encourage you to click this link for the Cooperative Action Network ( and send a message to the EPA to express your concern over a proposed 1,600-page document of rules which affect CURRENT coal-fired power plants. If implemented, this could drive up electricity costs and have devastating effects on the economy.  A grassroots effort from the public is critical in keeping power costs affordable all of us  The website to use in responding to the EPA is     

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The new "Smart Hub" link above is now activated as the new improved manner in which to pay your bill from the website as well as from your Smart Phone or other mobile device.  In addition to paying your bill, you are now able to set-up automatic recurring payment of your monthly electric bill to simplify your life.  Another new feature of "Smart Hub" is the ability for you to track your energy usage in greater detail.  If you believe that you can benefit from having mobile access to your account from your Smart Phone or tablet, you can download the FREE mobile app now from the iTunes store (if you have an Apple product) or from Google Play (if you have an Android phone or device).  If you already have a user name & password on our system, you will login to "Smart Hub" with the same login information as you did before.  Otherwise, you will need to begin by Registering your account.  Wayne-White Electric bills will continue to be due on the 15th of each month, with the meters being automatically read on the 1st day of the month.   If you ONLY want to pay your bill and you know your account number and your last name, you can pay your electric bill very quickly with the PAY NOW link above.  You can also set-up automatic bank draft from the bank of your choice using the easy form we provide. 


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